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What is Blue Night?

Blue Night is a Type-4 Catalyst session delivered in the evening, when things are the calmest, when all the hustle and bustle gives way to a greater stillness. The session itself combines the revolutionary approach of Catalyst with a high degree of artistry, creativity, spontaneity, and a whole lot of going-with-it-ness. The purpose of a Blue Night session is many fold. Mainly, it facilitates a greater connection between "you" and higher aspects of you. ("You" is in quotes to emphasize that there is no one version of you. It simply represents the version of you that is active.)

A Blue Night session, therefore, at different times, connects the dynamic, ever-changing "you" to: 1) your awareness (perception) and greater awareness, 2) your body and your more malleable (flexible) body, 3) your awareness of your body (your inner environment), 4) your awareness of your surroundings (the outer environment), and 5) your current participation and greater participation in all of the above. A deep connection exists between awareness and participation. As awareness increases, so too does the quality of your participation.

To prepare youself to receive such an open, dynamic session, be open. As simple as that may sound, quiet yourself and open to the stillness. You will discover what is going to emerge both internally (from within you and your body) and externally (from the facilitator). It’s a wondrous time of delightful engagements.

Quite often, the spontaneous inspiration to move in specific ways leads to precise and coordinated movements. These movements, in return, often lead to some interesting body positionings (and vice-versa). All in all, these inner-directed movements and positions eventually give way to a profound stillness (and vice versa). The stillness and movements in whatever degree they present themselves help you get the most out of your Blue Night session.

Each part of a Blue Session represents its own “season,” whether it be one of movement or one of stillness. It has an integrity and a timing. Both get to express themselves. The stillness brings about deliberate movements. And the movements bring about a deep stillness. The benefits, which are quite vast, continue to reveal themselves, even after the session is complete.

Perhaps the greatest benefit involves greater peace in the body with an overall in-touch-ness with life. (When you are more in touch with your body, you are more in touch with life.)

If it seems like nothing is happening, give yourself permission to enjoy a fabulous dose of nothing, which is something, because stopping has an incredible benefit on the body. It resets the system so that greater levels of functioning can occur.

A Blue Session can be as simple as stopping for the sake of stopping (lying still in any position of your choice). However, you can reposition your body by either flipping over (face up or face down), lying on one of your sides (or both at different times), sitting, standing, or something even more creative like kneeling, straddling the session table, or any combination of these. Whatever feels accurate or inspires you at the time is good.

You can remain still or shift positions as little or as often as you choose. This is why we call each person who receives a session a participant. Your participation enhances the session. This one “little” point profoundly highlights the greater component of receiving a Blue Night session. You actually work WITH the facilitator in revealing the specifics of the session. This is not only incredibly empowering, it is also incredibly effective for facilitating great changes.

Other recommendations that amplify the many benefits that come from receiving Blue include not making eye contact or attempting to communicate with others. Also, consider repositioning parts of your body (head, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.), breathing deeply and releasing the breath in a “letting go” type of fashion. Give yourself permission to make vocal sounds, if necessary, to amplify your letting go and releasing. If these sounds emerge, please keep them from being too distracting for others so that others can connect well to their own inner processes.

Sessions last about 45 minutes. If possible, leave in silence. This will help you to better integrate the benefits and keep the session going on inside of you. Because of the law of diminishing effects, the benefits of Blue Night naturally begin to fade as time progresses. This is why we recommend receiving a Blue Session once per week.

Since no two sessions are the same, some may seem more fruitful than others. That is simply a human phenomenon of having a prejudice regarding what is most supportive. The most effective Blue Session is the one you are receiving, because whatever comes is exactly what you and your body need at the time.

If all of this sounds cryptic and vague, you’re getting it. Welcome to Blue. As with everything in life, it's a fantastic process. Be ready to welcome whatever comes, which is more than a metaphor for life. As you become better at receiving Blue, letting what comes come and letting what goes go, you instantly become better at taking that level of mastery into your other relationships as well. Remember, you’re not just receiving or experiencing Blue. You are also participating in it too. What you learn, what you receive in Blue, can be one of the most valuable of gifts you can ever give to yourself at that time.


When are Blue Sessions offered?

Currently, Blue Sessions are offered in Roswell on Wednesday evenings. Call 770-912-9197 to reserve a table and a time. The address is 1182 Grimes Bridge Rd., Ste. 400, Roswell, GA 30075.

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